Imagine visitors interacting with your museum in a whole new way!


Create a fully interactive museum or gallery with our unique beacon technology!

We will build an app for you that is designed specifically to make your museum or gallery a fully interactive experience for your visitors.  Our custom designed apps are fully interactive as well as easy to use for your visitors allowing them to have a very fun and informative experience at your venue.

We will add a whole new way to experience your museum or gallery!

Beacons are shaping the future

We will know the exact location of your visitors as they experience your venue enabling your app to provide them the right information at the right time.

We utilize our beacon technology to provide this experience.
Think of the Beacon as an indoor GPS that will exchange data with the app on your visitor’s phone, allowing the app to pinpoint their precise location. Once the system knows the location of your visitor, specific information can be displayed on their mobile device.  For example,  if a visitor is standing in front of a specific historical display;  a video or other information about that display can play on their mobile device.  Thereby fully automating and enhancing their experience of your venue.


Experience Personalization

Allow your visitors to plan ahead and select their own tour experience. When they arrive the app will guide them through the museum.

Self-Guided Tours

By using beacons the app will be able to provide self-guided tours without the need to touch the device.

Unique Analytics

We will be able to give you analytics of your foot traffic. Know what your visitors are doing inside your venue, how long they stay at each exhibit and much more!

Your App Features:

  • Fully Custom Design-tailored to your specific needs.
  • Menu of your exhibits and items.
  • Images, text, audio or video for each exhibit.
  • Visitor controlled tour experience.
  • Beacon enabled content-triggered on visitor location.
  • Museum information such as: map, opening hours, prices, etc.
  • News/Updates
  • Push notifications to message your visitors about offers or news.
  • Admin panel to control and monitor the application.

Let’s talk about the exciting things we can do for your museum!